Roll up doors Canada

Roll up doors are made with pride in Canada by Kimbel.

As the manufacturer of KIMBEL window roller shutters, we decided to apply this technology to develop roll up shutter doors. They are perfect for structures with unique dimension as they save space. Our roll up doors are ideal for residential, self-storage, and light-duty commercial applications.

Our roll up doors are designed and manufactured with durability, easy installation, and minimum maintenance in mind.

As a roll up doors in Canada manufacturer we specialize in providing durable aluminum doors in colors and sizes that match your specifications.

Kimbel is manufacturing roll up doors Canada in Mississauga, ON and is distributing them throughout the entire Canada. Our roll up doors Canada are made from durable aluminum and we offer them in variety of colors and sizes. All of our roll up doors Canada are remote controlled via a smartphone app from any location.

To find the best doors for your home or business call a Kimbel representative and ask about our unique roll up doors made in Canada.

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