Retractable Screens

Retractable Screens from Kimbel Inc. create an outdoor setting that is more comfortable and convenient so that you can enjoy the outdoors all day and night.

Whether it is an outdoor veranda, gazebo, porch or the classic Muskoka room; Kimbel has the answer! Kimbel’s Retractable Screens are custom made and are able to be installed into almost any outdoor living space or window whilst using very little power to operate (110V).

Retractable screens from Kimbel Inc. are equipped with state of the art Somfy Motors. These motors offer the upmost control and convenience to your surroundings. Kimbel’s retractable screens can be controlled and programmed with one of our many remotes and transmitters; you can even open them with your Smartphone!

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With choices of retractable insect screen and retractable solar screens Kimbel Inc has an abundance of options that will not only create a beautiful space through functionality but also visually.

Retractable screens from Kimbel Inc are available in many stunning colors that the can be a part of anyone’s design and esthetic. Choose the right “openness” for your screens in order to create the right amount of airflow and or privacy that is ideal with your needs.

Retractable screens

Kimbel offers a 2 year warranty on all screens and a 5 year warranty on all Somfy Motors. This way you can feel comfortable purchasing a high quality-Canadian made product. With their small housing box our screens are almost invisible when open.

 Easy installation and plentiful technical support ensures a smooth transition from the burdening sun /wind into an easy and comfortable environment with Kimbel’s sleek retractable screens.

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